Tips to Increase Sales Conversion with Retargeting

If you are an online business player and accustomed to using paid advertising to attract visitors, of course you are also already quite familiar with the term retargeting. yes, retargeting has a vital role to make your visitors really become the real buyer.

Consumers 70% More Likely to Convert with Retargeting | Kenshoo

Why is that? Because not all users who click on your ad or visit your site, will actually make a purchase. It could be that they experience a certain distraction or indeed not so intention to buy your product. this is likely the role of retargeting.

For this reason, in this article, we will discuss in depth what retargeting ads are, why they are so important in an online business, and how to create appropriate ad retargeting using the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Come on, see directly below!

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a way to approach the audience that has interacted on your site, but there is no action to buy. Basically, the process of retargeting does not differ much when you first create ads. It’s just that, in retargeting, you focus more on targeting certain audiences who have the potential to become buyers.

How Do Ads Retargeting Work?

Retargeting Ads use a Pixel-Based system. What is Pixel-Based?

Pixel-Based is a system that relies on the help of Java-Script (pixel) code that is placed on your site or in certain posts.

With this code, every time a visitor stops by your site, Pixel will automatically insert anonymous cookies in the visitor’s browser.

So later, when they have left your site, that’s when Pixel will work. He will give you a notification when the right time to serve ads back to the audience that was previously on your site.

This type of Pixel-Based retargeting only applies if you want to advertise through the Google AdWords or Facebook Ads platforms.

The advantage of having this system is that your ad will be seen again by an audience that has stopped by your site before. So, your chance can be greater to bring them back to visit your site.

Get to know the purpose of retargeting ads

Now that you know what retargeting ads are and how they work, you might also need to know what are the main objectives of retargeting ads. Basically, retargeting ads have two types of goals namely:

1. Awareness:

At this point, retargeting ads play a role to re-engage visitors who have never seen your brand before, but have not done any interaction on your site.

In this case you can show the types of advertisements that feature the features or advantages of the product. With the hope of increasing their awareness to be willing to re-visit your site.

2. Conversion:

In the purpose of conversion, retargeting ads target audiences who already know the business product or even visit your site, but don’t yet have the intention to take further actions such as subscribe, create an account or buy a product.

So, here is the role of retargeting ads, which is to produce conversions by convincing the target audience to take more action when you return to your site.